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    Private Practice, Family & Home Health Services

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    25-99 employees

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    Mesa, AZ

We are a personalized agency who takes the time to ensure the needs of the individual and family are being met

The uniqueness of our agency is that we are proud parents of a little boy who has special needs. Over the years, we have been his advocate, coordinated his medical care and worked closely with his case managers to develop and maintain his goals. Our objective is to hire the most qualified people available in order to advance the quality of life for our clients and their families.

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Affinity Family Care is a family owned agency, providing Respite, Habilitation, Attendant Care and Housekeeping Services for individuals with disabilities. We assume the responsibility for hiring, training and performing all necessary background checks for the person who is providing the services. Our providers are not just sub-contractors, but are empowered employees dedicated to our client's needs.


It has been our mission to start an agency that would improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families. It is our priviledge to share our expertise and experience with our clients and their families in obtaining professional, quality and caring services.

Affinity Family Care understands and supports the providers and the family in it's entirety.

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