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Five Star District employs more than 5,000 high quality staff members

The more than 5,000 employees of Adams 12 Five Star Schools know every child can learn. This is not a slogan - it's a belief we live and cultivate every day in the Five Star District. No matter what our job is - teacher, principal, bus driver or custodian - our primary focus is to support increased student achievement.

As one of the fastest growing school districts in Colorado, it's no surprise we hire a wide variety of educators and support staff each year. We realize our job in the Five Star District is rooted in helping all children learn and be successful. We take pride in our job and in making a meaningful difference in each child's life.

El Distrito Five Star tiene más de 5,000 empleados
de alta calidad

Más de 5,000 empleados del Adams 12 Five Star Schools
saben que todos los niños pueden aprender. Esto no es
propaganda, es una creencia que nos dirige y que cultivamos
cada día en el Distrito Five Star. No importa cuál
es nuestra labor, sea que seamos maestros, directores, conductores
de autobuses o conserjes, nuestro enfoque principal es el ayudar
a aumentar el desempeño de los estudiantes.

Al ser uno de los distritos escolares de crecimiento más
rápido en Colorado, no le debe sorprender el que contratemos
una gran variedad de maestros y empleados cada año. Sabemos
que nuestro trabajo en el Distrito Five Star se origina en el
deseo de ayudar a que todos los niños puedan aprender
y tener éxito. Nos enorgullece nuestro trabajo y el poder
lograr una diferencia en la vida de cada niño.



Success starts with our parents

Parents play a vital role in the success of our students. Across the Five Star District, our parents donate tens of thousands of hours of their time to our schools. For example, at Leroy Drive Elementary alone, our parents volunteer roughly 1800 hours a year, helping teachers and working with students. Their help is invaluable.

Whether it's a Legacy High parent organizing after-prom activities or a Coyote Ridge Elementary parent helping students with literacy and writing; all of our parent volunteers help achieve our mission of educating the whole child.

We encourage our parents to learn more about how they can help their schools. For those with busy work schedules, there are opportunities to volunteer outside of normal school-day hours.

Five Star community invests in its schools

Strong schools build strong communities and strong communities support strong schools. This isn't just a slogan; it's a reality in the Five Star District. Our community continually commits to investing in its schools and in student success. Most recently, the Five Star community approved a $9.9 million mill levy override and a $180 million bond in 2004.

The mill levy override has a direct impact on the district's goal of 95 percent of all students performing either at or above grade level in reading, writing and math. The additional operating dollars have made it possible to hire more staff to work with our growing population of English Language Learners; to make graduation standards more rigorous by requiring three additional credits in math, science and the fine / practical arts; and to offer tutoring and summer school for students not at grade level.

These additional opportunities, made possible through the financial support of the community, have led to a 6 percent increase in the number of students performing at or above grade level. That's roughly 2,340 more students who are now at or above grade level.

Future funding and support is critical if the district is to build on these achievements. Adams 12 Five Star Schools is a growing district, but mill levy dollars don't grow with increases in enrollment, nor do they adjust for inflation. Fortunately the Five Star community understands this reality, and has kept its investments in its schools a top priority.

As a growing district, there's an increasing demand to build new schools as well as address the needs of existing schools that are upwards of 50 years old. The voter-approved $180 million bond tackles some of these needs.

In 2007, the third year of the five-year bond, the district opened a new middle school, a new elementary school, a new stadium and three major school additions. In the summer of 2007 alone, the district invested nearly $10 million dollars in improvements to nine schools. Those projects included installing air conditioning, upgrading technology, and replacing worn-out and inefficient equipment such as old boilers.

Anyone interested in details about the bond can track the progress being made on individual school projects.

Five Star community believes a strong education provides the roots for success

The 2004 mill levy override and bond will accelerate student achievement, improve the district's existing facilities and build new ones to address growth.

Just two months after voters approved the $9.9 million mill levy override, the Five Star District put those dollars to work for our students. Beginning in January 2005, the district launched its tutoring program. More than 2,200 students not meeting grade level standards in reading got extra help above and beyond the normal school day.

As a result of the program, teachers observed a difference in the reading skills of those being tutored. The program allows the tutors to work in smaller groups, with no more than six students, and to tailor their instruction to the individual needs of the students.

The mill levy override also increased graduation requirements beginning with the Class of 2009. Students will need to earn 23 credits instead of 20, with one additional credit being required in each of the following: math, science and fine/practical arts (includes foreign language).

Projects from the $180 million bond began during the summer of 2005. As of January 2007, renewal and repair work has taken place at 24 existing schools. Adams12 Five Star Schools built Stellar Elementary School in the summer of 2006. Construction of the new school is funded by the 2004 bond. Stellar Elementary, located near 124th Ave. and Colorado Blvd. in Thornton, opened August 2007.

The $180 million bond will renew, repair and replace existing schools; and has built two new elementary schools to handle growth; construct school additions to replace several mobile classrooms; and install air conditioning in all elementary schools currently without it.

Feel free to track the progress being made on individual school projects from the 2004 bond. We will also issue regular updates on our progress through Five Star Schools Television (FSSTV-Cable Channel 22), Five Star Journal, parent meetings and our regular board of education meetings.