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About Us

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  • Industry

    Consulting Services

  • Company Size

    25-99 employees

  • Headquarters

    Glendale, AZ

Who we are

Established in 1999, 600 Global, Incorporated has 64 management offices across the United States, representing the world’s biggest brands in the technology and communication industries.  600 is a leading consulting firm with  nearly 17 years of experience in the direct sales and marketing industry. Our experience has given our company several opportunities to expand to other states and industries. Being focused on entrepreneurship, community involvement and personal development, we bring a new meaning to work life balance. Our employees advance, without exception, purely on the results they generate. Age and tenure are meaningless measures at 600 Global.  Our name, “600,” represents where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Both the street number of our first office and suite number of our second were 600. Moving forward, we’ve set an ambitious goal to open 600 locations around the globe. Whether it’s simply coincidence or something more, the number has been a recurring theme throughout our history, as well as our future.

What we do

We are an in-person consulting firm. Our staff make up a professional force that helps our clients attract, engage, and retain loyal, profitable customers. We act as our clients’ brand ambassadors and advocates, treating their customers with respect and courtesy—as if they’re our own.  We sometimes get this common question:

Why is sales and marketing a necessity starting point for all employees?

We feel it is important to your future development. Developing your confidence, presentation skills, and organizational skills are imperative in any leadership role.  As a part of our hands-on approach, we’ll do everything we can to teach you about every aspect of management. By showing you all angles of our company, you’ll be a better manager and better poised to meet your true potential with our team. Keep in mind, 100% of our senior management began their career in the same entry level position too. If you can appreciate the challenges that managers face, you’ll be well on your way to joining them.

What you’ll do

Your career path will start in an entry-level sales consulting position, and we offer a compensation structure that include training pay, base salary, commission, bonuses, and residual. Whatever your experience, you’ll find that consulting can be a stepping stone for leadership and management roles, and as you advance, for opportunities to expand our company into new markets. You’re limited only by your ambition and aspirations, and we’ll help you get on the right path to achieve your career goals—whatever they may be.

What you’ll learn

You’ll gain the tools and knowledge to build your confidence, develop a winning attitude and grow both personally and professionally. Below is just some of what you’ll learn.

What Training Will I Receive?

The future success of 600  depends on you exceeding career goals that you never thought possible. We don’t expect you to have refined management skills when we bring you on board. Your talent is intrinsic but we believe that some of the most necessary and useful skills can be taught. Initially, you are hired for your talent and potential. Then, the pressure is on both of us to make sure that you are getting the training that will make you the razor sharp partner we know you can be. We approach this challenge from several angles while training each day.

  In Office Training

We provide morning training sessions every day. These meetings are not only used to teach specific skills, but they are also used to get everyone positively charged up for the day ahead. There are classroom sessions for all levels of management to make sure that our entire staff continues to develop and meet their professional goals.

Practical Training

Every executive and manager at 600 started as an entry-level representative, and has grown through our ranks. They hold a wealth of knowledge about the challenges you’ll face, and they understand fully the value of mentoring and its impact on personal growth. At 600 managers do not operate behind closed doors.  Instead, they are right there coaching you and are always available to provide on-the-spot training and advice when challenges arise.

Development Program

Through years of trial and error we have honed in on the development path that leads to career success. We have mapped it out. We provide you with self-assessment tools and career timelines to chart your progress. You will never feel the pain of career stagnation. You’ll always know where you stand, and you’ll always know what you need to do to move ahead.

Fast Track Career Growth

We put all these training programs in place for a reason and it is not only to help you reach your professional goals, but to build the future of our company. We are running a business after all. And the business we’re running is a true meritocracy. Simply put, when you develop and perform well, you advance. Our people advance—without exception—based purely on the results they generate for the business. Age and tenure are meaningless measures at 600 inc.

“At 600, I have learned strong leadership and sales skills and am armed with knowledge that will benefit me now and in the future.”  – Christina Mansfield, 600 Team Member

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